Education Reformation

(Thursday, January 15th, 2009)

One of president Obama’s speeches about education is more true now than ever before. The Edualizer is in the perfect tool to help push this reformation and make sure we can actively improve our education system as much as possible. Paraphrased from his speech: “You know, every four years, we hear candidates talk about the vital importance of education — about how improving our schools is key to our future and the future of our country. Every four years, we hear about how, this time, we’re going to make it an urgent national priority. … But just as with energy independence and health care, the urgency of upgrading public education for the 21st century has been talked to death in Washington, but not much has gotten done. And that failure to act has put our nation in jeopardy. I believe the day of reckoning is here. [Our] children and our country can’t afford four more years of neglect and indifference.”

See the full transcript at http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/09/obama_education_speech_in_ohio.html