Your Child’s Education Is Up To You

(Friday, March 27th, 2009)

“Over the last 27 months, I’ve come to see public education as an immoveable force. Administrators are fond of talking about ‘accountability,’ but it doesn’t mean much, not in any real sense.

“Today’s administrators know that all they have to do is produce upward ticks in pretend numbers. The only real accountability comes when unhappy parents leave the school district. Although a few thousand Spokane families have done that over the last five years, local administrators have so far declined to say publicly that the enrollment drops have anything to do with how the schools operate.

“Meanwhile, things stay fairly quiet, which is what bureaucrats generally prefer.

“My comments here could be seen as ‘cynical’ or ‘critical,’ but I see them as ‘realistic.’ With realism comes truth. With truth comes knowledge. With knowledge comes power. With power comes change – even if it’s change for just one child. When it’s your child, one child is a lot.

My husband and I have therefore taken control of our daughter’s education.”

To read more, go to http://ednews.org/articles/35600/1/Your-Child039s-Education-is-Up-To-You/Page1.html.