edChart #1

(Friday, March 20th, 2009)

The Edualizer dashboard system works with several plug-ins, including our EdCharts and EdSocial Systems. EdCharts is the piece de resistance– the graphs we offer aren’t just bar charts and line graphs. We do have student’s grades, GPA and school assessments as pie charts and line graphs, but we also have 3 key proprietary charts that give rich views into the performance of schools, teachers and students. These charts include a mapping system, a performance index chart and a radar view.

The first proprietary chart, the map view, allows you to see where students’ GPA’s align within their communities. If you look at a community with underachieving students and pull up their GPA on the map, it will display red. If you look at a community with high achieving students and pull up their GPA on the map, it will display green. Putting a community’s GPA on display in this manner will make it easier for the community to advocate for necessary changes to their education policy.

The map view also offers several different datasets that provide access to information pertinent to a students’ education other than their GPA. You can choose to layer the map with datasets that will allow you to view roads, parks, borders, and public transit routes in any given area or community. You can view different grading metrics and assessments within specified date ranges, or filter the data by subject, ethnicity, or grade level. Once you’ve selected what datasets you wish to view within any given community or for an individual student, you have the option of viewing the map over a period of time using the playback control, clicking certain areas of the map to reveal more information about the selected area, or using additional controls for zooming and panning the map.