Edualizer Overview

(Friday, March 20th, 2009)


Founded by a teacher who later jumped into the dot com world, Mindgrub created Edualizer, a rich internet application (RIA) that will help school systems visualize what’s going on in an individual classroom, school, or school district. Edualizer consists of several charting, social, role and viewing components, many of which are comprised within edCharts.

Edualizer Key Features Include:
•Digital, customizable dashboards
•Ability to create dynamic datasets
•Integration with Scantron and other school data
•Optional integration with edCharts and edSocial to enhance user’s experience

Key Benefits and Discriminators

Following are elements of Edualizer that set it apart from other education solutions:

edCharts – We provide various charting options to offer as much assistance and information regarding how to best track and manipulate a student’s education toward their aptitudes and interests (individual charts are described below).

edSocial – Integration with edSocial, another proprietary plug-in of Edualizer, provide social networking features so the user can share real-time data with colleagues and perform comparative analysis’ of different graphs and data.

Role-based Systems – Users can be assigned the role of administrator, superintendant, principal, teacher, or student/parent (comprised within one role) and view information concurrent to their role.

Digital Dashboards – Each dashboard is entirely customizable with the ability to add pre-set widgets. You can also create your own.



Edualizer’s dashboard system works with several plug-ins, including edCharts. edCharts consists of several proprietary charts that allow the user to see various information related to student and staff performance within a particular class, school, or community.

edCharts Key Features Include:
•Rich charting options
•Mapping of students’ assessments to pinpoint underachieving areas
•Student/Staff/School Performance Indexes (SPI)
•Proprietary radar view of students

Key Benefits and Discriminators

Mapping System – This chart allows users to see where students’ GPAs align within their communities, making it easier for the community to advocate for necessary changes to their education policy.

Performance Index Charts – School/Staff/Student Performance Index (SPI) charts show change over time, thus enhancing the learning process by continually monitoring performance and providing the option to change policies along with the school’s overall performance.

Radar View – This chart provides a proprietary radar view of students so that users can track their education from a student-centered perspective, and aligns that with Myers-Briggs careers to determine whether students are tracking toward careers that cater to their interests and aptitudes.

How to find out more or get a demo
To take a tour of Edualizer or sign up for an account, go to www.edualizer.com. To talk to someone who aided in the creation of Edualizer, contact Mindgrub Technologies at info@mindgrub.com or (410) 988-2444.